Boarding School for Orphan Girls

  • There are approximately 4.2 million orphan children in Pakistan

The carer of the orphan and I will be like these two in Paradise (And he put his two fingers together – the middle finger and the index finger).
The Prophet (PABUH) [Al-Bukhari]

After the devastated earthquake which took place in 2005 Ar-Rahmah Trust acknowledged that there was a huge need to accommodate for the orphans of Pakistan.

In response to this crisis Ar-Rahmah Trust established a Boarding School for Orphan and poor Girls in September 2007 in Rawalpindi (Pakistan).

By the grace of Allah Ar-Rahmah Trust were donated a building on behalf a brother whose father had passed away. The building was redesigned with an intention of increasing the capacity so that more orphan girls could be accommodated for. Once complete the building was able to accommodate for up to 75 girls between the ages of 5-17 whom we currently have in full residence at the school.

The ethos of the school aims to provide high quality Islamic and secular education. This is achieved by placing a great emphasis on providing a proper Islamic upbringing (Tarbiyah) for all the pupils including speaking and presentation skills in order to become confident and productive members of the community.

The girls are taught up to three languages; Arabic, English and Urdu which further prepares them with the opportunity to extend their ability to communicate their chosen field in multiple languages.

Through your sponsorship we ensure that your money will enable us to provide the girls with:

  • A Safe Accommodation
  • Education
  • Stationary
  • Uniform
  • Food
  • Medical Care

Ar-Rahmah Trust has had an additional 3 acres of land donated to the project which is approximatley 40 miles from the present orphanage.  Plans are being discussed to replicate the success of our current Boarding School for Orphan Girls in this chosen location to meet the growing demands of the community who have recognized and benefited from this charitable cause of Ar Rahmah Trusts efforts by the Grace of Allah.

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