Uyghur Refugees

400 Uyghur Families will receive our support for 1 year, which includes monthly food packs, language and skills training and schooling for children.

Over 1 million Uyghurs living in China have been arrested and are on constant surveillance. They have been banned from using religious items such as the Qu'ran and Hijab and are constantly victim of severe human rights violations. 

Many Uyghur have had trials that would make anyone shed many tears of despair. Now there are many that have fled and became refugees in Turkey, and with your help we will support 400 families where widows, and mothers with their children are usually alone due to husband missing or passed away while detained in Chinese "Vocational Training Centres".


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Ar-Rahmah Trust (ART) was launched in 2006 and operates as a NGO/CSO (Non-governmental organisation/civil society organisation), registered charity based in Birmingham, UK. Our charity aims to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable orphans across the world, whilst also providing the poor and needy with vital support in the form of food, aid, shelter, healthcare, education and vocational training. 


Ar-Rahmah Trust was started by a group of volunteers, and volunteers are still considered very much at the heart of what we do.   Our volunteers are viewed as Ar-Rahmah Trust’s face in the local community; they are integral in helping the charity raise money to fund and provide vital services to the poor and needy across the world, as well as our boarding schools for Orphans in Pakistan.

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