About Us

About Ar-Rahmah Trust

Ar-Rahmah Trust (ART) was launched in 2006 and operates as a NGO/CSO (Non-governmental organisation/civil society organisation), registered charity based in Birmingham, UK. Our charity aims to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable orphans across the world, whilst also providing the poor and needy with vital support in the form of food, aid, shelter, healthcare, education and vocational training. We also offer educational support to widowed women in poor parts of the world, expanding women’s opportunities in life by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to excel and provide income for their families.

In addition to this we provide workshops and awareness programmes in the UK, in order to strengthen families and parenting, The workshops tackle drugs, substance abuse, and street violence, as well as youth empowerment, with the focus on developing a productive and stable society that benefits communities across the UK

“A world of dignity and prosperity"

Ar-Rahmah Trust was formed with the following aims:

1. To seek the reward from Allah by helping His creation.

2. To provide food relief, healthcare and other effective measures for deprived and underprivileged people in order to remove their suffering and hardship.

3. To provide quality education for orphans, women, young people and children from poor families in order to increase their confidence and self-esteem so that they can participate fully in society.

4. To provide help and training for poor people to become financially independent and productive members of society.

Since the charities inception in 2006, ART have delivered many programmes and projects successfully within various countries across the world including:

Ramadan food Programmes

Qurbani Programmes

Annual Zakat distribution

Orphan sponsorship

Boarding school for orphan girls

Boys Institute

Medical Dispensary

Self-reliance schemes for women

UK based national workshops