About this Project

Education is one of the most precious gifts we can give. It is not only a doorway out of poverty for orphans and children from poor families, but it also empowers them for an independent future full of promise and opportunities. The right education will also enable them to make a beneficial and useful contribution to the development and progress of the societies and the communities in which they live.

In recognition of this need, in 2010 Ar-Rahmah Trust launched its project Ar-Rahmah Institute, located in a small town called Warburton in the district of Shaikhurpura. The institute provides boys with a high standard of Islamic and Secular education from the academic year 8 up to Master’s Degree level. Students are given the opportunity to complete their Masters Degrees at the University of Punjab.


The Secular curriculum taught at the institute is based on the UK’s national curriculum, whereas the Islamic education is provided by Darussalam who have published their curriculum with the national government of Pakistan’s approval. Both curriculums prepare the boys to enter the world as positive contributors to their communities, as teachers or as professionals in other sectors. The boys are taught English, Arabic and Urdu preparing them to be effective communicators in the common languages of that region.

By the Grace of Allah 36 boys out of the 68 boys who attend Ar-Rahmah Institute at present became hufaaz of Quran (completed full memorisation of the Quran). In addition to this 30 of the boys visited various Masjids in the local and surrounding areas and lead the Taraweeh Prayer.


Through your £35 monthly sponsorship we ensure that your money will enable us to provide orphan boys with:

  • Safe Accommodation – students are provided with individual beds, complete with duvets, quilts and blankets for all types of seasons. All rooms are fitted with carpets and students benefit from communal showers and launderette facilities.

  • Education – Our objective is to produce students who excel in both Islamic and secular education. All students are taught up to three languages; Arabic, English and Urdu which further prepares them with the opportunity to extend their ability to communicate their chosen field in multiple languages.

  • Stationery – All students are provided with the necessary stationery, satchels and textbooks to ensure that they focus 100% on their studies without the pressure of not having the correct resources.

  • Uniform – All students are provided with appropriate clothing, reflected in a uniform that caters for the summer and winter seasons as well as footwear.

  • Food – A daily menu provides the students with freshly cooked meals at breakfast, dinner and supper.

  • Medical Care – students receive free medical healthcare and undergo regular checkups to ensure that they are fit and healthy whist residing at the institute.

Sponsors will receive an introduction to the sponsored orphan/student, and an annual progress report.