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The Need 2 Feed

Since the Syrian conflict began in 2011 the civil war has created the worst humanitarian crisis of our time with an estimated 13.5 million Syrians in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. 1 in 3 Syrians now live under the poverty line and the lack of food has caused many to die of starvation with others turning to eating whatever they can get their hands on, such as grass, in acts of extreme desperation.


In response to this crisis Ar-Rahmah Trust is launching “The Need 2 Feed” campaign, giving donors the chance to assist the destitute Syrian families and save them from starving to death by donating a food pack. For just £25 a family of up to 6 will have the vital nourishment they need for 4 weeks.


The food pack will contain:

  • 5 Kg Rice

  • 5 Kg Wheat

  • 5 Kg Lentils

  • 5 Kg Sugar

  • 2 Kg Pasta 

  • 500g Tomato Paste

  • 1 Baby Milk Box

  • 2 Litres Oil

  • 500g Tea

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Every donation changes lives, we are firmly invested in turning the lives of the less fortunate around through hard work and commitment.

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