Eritrea Home Based Orphan


About this Project

As part of our vision to provide mercy to orphan girls and widows, we are giving you the opportunity to support Eritrean orphan refugees in Sudan, a part of the world that has been all but forgotten. This impoverished nation has suffered decades of civil war resulting in the loss of thousands of lives, displacing over 400,000 civilians. Approximately half the population still live under the poverty line and with your monthly sponsorship of £30 you can help young orphan girls caught up in this devastating conflict.

These orphan girls are currently living with their sole parent or a relative, however in such a poor nation the cost of schooling and food is too much for the guardians. Your £30 monthly will help provide these orphan girls with a comprehensive full-time education at a local school and 3 daily meals to ensure they have the nutrients the body requires when growing up in such a harsh surroundings.

Sponsors will receive orphan induction packs, with a photo of their sponsored child, background information of the child and annual progress reports.