Emergency Covid 19 - Be The 1 Food Programme

This year Ar-Rahmah Trust Be the 1 food campaign is more vital than ever.  The Coronavirus is having a devastating impact and leaving families devastated.  As you know we raise funds for Ramadan food parcels so that thousands of families can receive a food parcel for Ramadan and enjoy Suhoor and Iftaar with everyone else.  HOWEVER, we are urgently appealing for you to donate for food parcels for immediate distribution to those families who are hit by the coronavirus and finding themselves in urgent need of food.  Due to the corona virus many people in Pakistan have lost their jobs and their livelihood and are asking us to support them by providing food.  One food parcel costs only £30 but will provide sufficient food to feed a family of 6 for one month.  Please donate now so that we can help these people now and help them to reach Ramadan. Please remember that these people have no other source of income and did not expect to find themselves in this situation.  They do not have access to benefits and are in dire need.  Please donate to the Be the 1 food programme as a matter of urgency.

We have been doing this Ramadan food programmes for many years, however, this is also an Emergency Appeal due to the Covid 19 becoming a world wide pandemic,  so please continue to donate and support those in need.

Food Programme - £30 p/month

The Food Program is there to provide families with food for a month. With £1 a day every day for Ramadan we want to help people in Syria, Yemen and Pakistan get the food they need. No one should go hungry ever, we know there are vulnerable people out there that need sustenance and support, fasting will make sure we understand the struggle of hunger.

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Every donation changes lives, we are firmly invested in turning the lives of the less fortunate around through hard work and commitment.

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