Ramadan Food Parcel

This Ramadan, join our Feed 1 Family project for just £1 a day and help us provide a food parcel to a family in need. Your donation can help bring joy to their tables during the blessed month of Ramadan.
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Daily Iftar

Experience the joy of giving this Ramadan by sponsoring an Iftar for 100 people for only £100. Your donation will provide a nutritious meal to those in need, bringing hope and happiness to their lives during this blessed month.
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Eye Camp

Cataracts cloud vision, leading to irreversible blindness. These develop slowly and can affect both eyes. A £65 donation can fund a free Eye Cataract operation for a person in need and save them from possible blindness in the future.
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Water Projects

Countless families in Pakistan are suffering due to the lack of access to clean water. With your help, we can bring hope to their hearts and transform their lives. A Water Pump costs £150, a Motor Pump costs £250, and a Water Well costs £1300.
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Zakat Ul Fitr

As the month of Ramadan draws to a close, it is time for Zakat-ul-Fitr, a charitable donation given to the poor and needy. Your donation can help provide food to those who are struggling to feed their families during this special time.
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Where Most Needed

Our "Where Most Needed" donation category allows for easy and effective giving. Your donation will be allocated to the project most in need, relieving donors of the burden of deciding where their donation should go.
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