BeThe1 Ramadan Food Campaign 2022
– Food Parcels

The Food Program is here to provide families with staple food items for a month. With £1 a day every day for Ramadan we want to help people in Pakistan get the food they need. No one should go hungry ever, we know there are vulnerable people out there that need sustenance and support, fasting will make sure we understand the struggle of hunger.

£30 per pack


BeThe1 Ramadan Food Campaign 2022
– Communal Iftaar

This Ramadan we are aiming to provide cooked meals to those most in need. Don’t miss your share of exceptional reward and forgiveness during this blessed month. Show your mercy and alleviate their suffering by providing cooked meals throughout the month of Ramadan. Let’s give our brothers and sisters the opportunity to fast among millions of Muslims, having food for just £1 a day.

£1 per meal,  per person, per day.


Ar-Rahmah Water Projects (Zakat Eligible)

Every minute, every day, people suffer and lives are lost needlessly because of a lack of safe water and sanitation. Help us end this global crisis and transform lives. There are countless families in poor parts of Pakistan who do not have access to clean drinking water. £150 for a Water Pump, £250 for a Motor Pump and £1300 for a Water Well.


Eye Camp (Zakat Eligible)

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye which leads to a decrease in vision. Cataracts often develop slowly and can affect one or both eyes.

For only £65 you can enable a poor person to benefit from a free Eye Cataract operation which will reverse the possibility of blindness in the future.


Sponsor a Poor Family

Did you know that 24% of the population of Pakistan live *below* the poverty line. 
The Ar Rahmah 'Poor Family Sponsorship' Project was set up to identify and assist extremely vulnerable families who desperately need emergency aid and support. Our support package costs £30 per month which is only £1 per day. 


Where Most Needed

To make things easy for our donors, we have a new category in the donate page called "Where Most Needed", as the name suggests we will automatically allocate your donations to any project that is in need the most, so donate, sit back and let us do the work.


Water Filtration Plant Maintenance

As part of Ar Rahmah Trust’s water projects we have installed water filtration plants supporting those who are in desperate need of clean drinking water. Over 300 people use the plants on a daily basis which has the capacity to provide 9,600 litres every day. Providing water is one of the simplest yet honourable acts of charity.


Please support the running/maintenance costs of these plants.


Give Regularly!

Donate only £10 a month using the direct debit set up linkand support all the charities regular projects. Earn immense rewards as we use your monthly payment to support the most needy campaigns throughout the year. Click on the link now.


Quran Hifdh Sponsorship

Your generous donations will enable these young boys to enrol into our institute, memorise the complete Quran and become future leaders of their communities. Quran Hifdh is only for the poor children and it help provide them with education and also food while they are studying.

Sewing Machine

Self-Reliance Sewing Course (Zakat Eligible)

Ar-Rahmah Trust runs a Self-Reliance training which caters for vulnerable women within the local community. We aim to promote independence and self-sufficiency so that women can change their lives and the fortunes of their communities.

For just £360 you can support a vulnerable woman for a full years training course.