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Rawalpindi Orphan Girls Sponsorship (Zakat Eligible)

Give these poor and vulnerable orphan girls a better start in life by sponsoring them from £35 a month. Your generous sponsorship will cover their educational, housing, living, food and medical costs.

BE THE 1 Ramadan Food Programme (Zakat Eligible)

In 2020 Ar-Rahmah Trust gives you the opportunity to reach out to the Ummah and implement the Sunnah of feeding the poor. Support the poor and needy in Yemen, Pakistan, & Syria. We are aiming to provide 100,000 meals to those most in need. £1 a day will feed a family of 6 for 1 day, £30 will feed a family for 1 month. 

Uyghur Refugees (Zakat Eligible)

400 Uyghur Families will receive our support for 1 year, which includes monthly food packs, language and skills training and schooling for children, every year our goal is to raise £40000.​​

Over 1 million Uyghurs living in China have been arrested and are on constant surveillance. They have been banned from using religious items such as the Qu'ran and Hijab and are constantly victim of severe human rights violations. ​

Every minute, every day, people suffer and lives are lost needlessly because of a lack of safe water and sanitation. Help us end this global crisis and transform lives. There are countless families in poor parts of Pakistan who do not have access to clean drinking water.

Zakat Ul Fitr

Our distribution programme each year helps many people who are living in extremely testing conditions across Pakistan and Yemen. Many of the women who have been directly aided by Ar-Rahmah Trust are widows and have been forced into work because of their situation and for very little money ... 

Give Regularly!

Donate only £10 a month using the direct debit set up linkand support all the charities regular projects. Earn immense rewards as we use your monthly payment to support the most needy campaigns throughout the year. Click on the link now.

As part of our vision to provide mercy to orphan girls and widows, we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest project; home-based orphan sponsorship to the Eritrean Refugees in Sudan. This impoverished nation has suffered decades of civil war resulting in the loss of thousands of lives, displacing over 400,000 civilians.

We have recently launched a new homebased orphan hifdh sponsorship project. The young boys and girls will be taught in our Faisalabad, Pakistan institute. Your generous donations will enable these orphans to enrol into our institute, memorise the complete Quran and become future leaders of their communities.

Ar Rahmah Trust Healthcare Complex (Zakat Eligible)

Ar-Rahmah Trust runs a free medical dispensary in Faisalabad which is open every day. It attracts 35-40 patients each day where patients are offered free medical advice by qualified doctors. 

By the grace of Allah, Ar-Rahmah Trust, as part of its vision to expand its educational projects for the orphans, has purchased a 10 acre plot of land which will be the location for a purpose built Orphan girls orphanage. The land has been acquired near Sheikhupura, Pakistan in a town called Warburton ... 

Meat For The Poor

You can make your sacrifice to Allah, with the intention behind the sacrifice that the meat will be given in charity to the poor and needy. This can be done at any time of the year as a voluntary and non-obligatory act that has high rewards in feeding the poor and also seeking the pleasure of Allah.

Self Reliance Schemes (Zakat Eligible)

Ar-Rahmah Trust runs a Self-Reliance training scheme which caters for vulnerable women within the local community. We aim to promote independence and self-sufficiency so that women can change their lives and the fortunes of their communities, expanding women’s opportunities in life by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to excel and provide income for their families.

For just £200 you can support a vulnerable woman for a full years training course.

Qurbani 2020

This year we are giving you the opportunity to perform your Qurbani Abroad in many countries in need.

Your Qurbani will be distributed to our brothers and sisters who are suffering from extreme poverty & malnutrition.

Make this Eid special one and donate your Qurbani Abroad from only £70.

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