About this Project

The young boys will be taught in our Faisalabad, our Pakistan institute. Your generous donations will enable these poor children to enrol into our institute, memorise the complete Quran and become future leaders of their communities. This will enable you to earn rewards for each letter they recite, even after your death. Indeed, this will be a great sadaqah Jaariyah [continuous charity] for you.

Students will come daily to the institute for 12 hours, during this time they memorise Quran as well as study secular education such as English, Maths and Science.

Your £30 a month will cover their monthly educational costs and their food costs for the meals/food they are provided whilst in the institute. The Quran teachers are various teachers from the locality, who have memorised and studied the Quran. The secular education teachers are all very well qualified with the required qualifications to teach and highly experienced with some teachers having over 20 years of experience teaching.

All donors will receive an induction pack for their sponsored child as well as an annual progress report which highlights their memorisation and academic progress and their well-being. If other updates are needed, they may be facilitated such as hearing your child recite.

The Holy Prophet said ‘The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.’ [al-Bukhari]

All of our children on the hifdh course have now been sponsored, please sponsor another child.