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Give your Zakat Today

Donate your Zakat, which will then be distributed through the project in most need that are Zakat eligible.



Sponsor an Orphan from £35

Sponsor an orphan girl today from £35. Full Monthly Sponsorship will be £70 a month. Click for single or monthly option.



Be The 1 - Food Programme

Donate food this Ramadan for people in need. There are million suffering from hunger so please donate today. 



The Quran

Boy Hifhd Sponsorship

Your £25 a month will cover their monthly educational costs and their food costs while studying.




Water Projects

Donate for a water pump, motor pump or a water well on your behalf, a friend or a family member.




Uyghur Refugees Pack

Help 400 Uyghur Families get support, they had to become refugees to be free to practice their faith, please donate today