Zakat 2020

Intoduction To Zakat
Watch our video from Sheykh and Qari Zakaullah Saleem, introducing you to the importance of Zakat

Qari Zakaullah Saleem is Ar Rahmah Trusts Trustee and the Head Imam of Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is a renowned Qari within the Muslim community and he will be guiding you through various lectures below about Zakat.

Be The 1 and Saving Humanity (Zakat Eligible)

Every Year Ar Rahmah Trust gives you the opportunity to reach out to the Ummah and implement the Sunnah of feeding the poor. Support the poor and needy in Yemen, Syria and Pakistan. We are aiming once again to provide 100.000 meals to those most in need. £1 a day will feed a family of 6 , so for £30 days we will feed them for 1 month. Each food parcel contains the right ingredients for the taste and cuisine of the specific country. Be the 1 and feed 1 family for £1 a day this Ramadan. ​

Ar-Rahmah Trust has launched a new campaign in 2020 called Saving Humanity before Ramadan. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of the situation of many Uyghur Refugees that have fled their country due to not being allowed to practice their faith and now are hoping for a better life. The only way to help them now after their desperate requests is to provide them with food and the right skills through education. Many of the Uyghur Refugees live in Turkey, so we will support them in learning Turkish and getting the right guidance to be able to then provide for themselves. Many of these suffering are the wives of detained Uyghurs in China and their children, and the widows and orphans, so we will provide for 400 families in 2020 that need our

Be The 1

£30 food pack per month

Ar-Rahmah Trust’s vision for volunteering is that our volunteers will be at the heart of Ar-Rahmah Trust’s work, and at the heart of every community, so that the number of people living within and beyond where the charity operates from in Birmingham, are informed about the projects and activities that Ar-Rahmah Trust carries out.

Ar-Rahmah Trust is committed to ensuring that volunteers receive the best possible experience whilst volunteering with us, that they will feel fulfilled, valued, and clear about the wide choice of opportunities available so that they can be represented at every level of Ar-Rahmah Trust’s work.


Saving Humanity

Uyghur Refugees

Our goal is to raise £40.000 to help 400 families for 1 year, we will provide them with food every month and education for all the family members that need it. The goal is to help at least 2400 individuals from the Uyghur refugees to be able to again feel at home and be able to then provide for themselves and even excel in society.

The various challenges they have faced make them vulnerable, so having support is a need, specially has women and children have had the most impact when now trying integrate and survive. Many of the man that were Uyghur Refugees have now integrated well and are building a thriving community, so let us help the women and their children also stand on their own and be free to practice their faith, and integrate to society.


“A compassionate world where the humanitarian needs of vulnerable children and women are met and they live in dignity, with security and prosperity”